How to Setup a Direct Signup Link?


The Direct Sign-Up Link enables your Organization’s staff members and volunteers to add themselves to the Control Panel and assign a Training or Background Check.

  1. Click the ‘Gear Symbol’ at the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click ‘Organization Settings.’
  3. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and select ‘Add new Link.’ Note that you may create more than one link for various circumstances. 

  1. Check ‘Enable Direct Sign-Up Link’ and consider modifying this link to a more friendly URL. 
  2. Customize your ‘Header Message.’ This message will appear at the top of the page when your User clicks into the link. In it, you may wish to welcome and thank prospective staff members or volunteers for their interest, explain the purpose of required Trainings, and clarify next steps. 

  1. Next, select which Training(s) you would like the User to choose from. As well, you may customize how the User profile will be set up in the Control Panel, like adding Tag(s)


  1. Require Background Checks with Direct Sign-Up Links by selecting the level you would like to order. An invitation will be sent when the sign-up process is complete.              Your Organization must have an active Background Check account with Abuse Prevention Systems for this feature to function properly.

  1. Edit your Direct Sign-up Link email template. This email is sent to the User with a Training Link. If this template is not edited, the default Training Email Template for the Training selected will be sent. 
  2. Copy the link by clicking and embedding it wherever your Organization would like to post it: in an email, website or flyer. 


With this link, Users have the ability to send themselves Training, thus incurring a fee when Training is ordered. Consider sharing this link after an applicant has completed predetermined screening elements to avoid unnecessary expense.

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