Setting Up Continuous Monitoring


Continuous Monitoring is now available to organizations utilizing our Background Check services. Continuous Monitoring provides near real-time alerts on new arrest activity related to Staff Members or Volunteers, eliminating the need to ‘wait’ for a Background Check Renewal to learn of new issues or offenses. You may enroll any User in Continuous Monitoring with a previously ordered Background Check, incurring a monthly fee of $5 per User. 

If you are not currently utilizing our Background Check services and would like more information, please contact our office at 877-737-7233 or

To set up Continuous Monitoring: 

  1. In the ‘Background Checks’ tab of your Control Panel, select ‘Continuous Monitoring.’ 

  1. Download and submit the Continuous Monitoring Addendum. After the Addendum is processed, Abuse Prevention Systems will email you within two business days to let you know that your account is ready for User enrollment.

Enrolling new Users for Continuous Monitoring: 

To enroll a User in Continuous Monitoring, a Background Check must have been previously completed.

  1. In the ‘Background Checks’ tab of your Control Panel, select ‘Continuous Monitoring.’ 
  2. Select ‘Enroll New User.’ 

  1. Select ‘Order Monitoring’ next to the User you would like to enroll.

  1. Input accurate address and driver's license information, then select ‘Order Continuous Monitoring.’ 

If an alert related to a User becomes available, known in Continuous Monitoring as an ‘event’, click here to learn how to take action.

To remove Users from Continuous Monitoring: 

  1. In the ‘Continuous Monitoring’ tab, select the ‘Gear’ symbol to the right of the User’s name. 
  2. Select ‘Cancel Monitoring.’ 

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