Why do I see a login screen when I try to complete my Background Check?



This page serves as the gateway to the Abuse Prevention Systems Background Investigations Platform. Only Abuse Prevention Systems employees possess the credentials to access this portal. If you are seeing this page, one of the following errors has likely occurred:

  • Your Background Check application has timed out. 
  • Your application is open in more than one tab or window.
  • You started your application but did not complete it in one sitting.
  • The Background Check request expired. (Background check requests are valid for 14 days). 
  • Your internet connection is not secure.

To solve the problem, please take the following steps: 

  • If your application has timed out, close all of the open windows on your internet browser and reopen the link.
  • Purge your cache and cookies. Learn how here.
  • If you received the Background Check request email more than 14 days ago, request a new Background Check application from your Administrator.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 817-737-7233 or Support@AbusePreventionSystems.com.

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