User is Receiving Background Check Reminder Emails After Completing the Background Check


This may occur if an Administrator submitted a Background Check more than once. Though the User completed the Background Check, a duplicate Background Check request is generating ongoing reminder emails.

To check if there is a duplicate pending Background Check:

  1. Click ‘Background Checks’ in the left-hand toolbar, then ‘In Process’ in the top menu.
  2. Search for the User. If the User is listed, please archive the Background Check.


After a Background Check has been archived, Users will receive email reminders until 14 days have passed from the Background Check order date. To remove a User before the 14-day period has completed, submit a request for our customer support team to cancel the Background Check completely. In your request, please include the Organization and User’s name.

If the User has no outstanding Background Check, please submit a request to our customer support team

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