What is a report?


Available under the Admin tab in the left-hand toolbar, the reporting feature enables administrators to create and view exportable spreadsheets for administrative use.

Reports can collect the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact Information
  • Tag(s)
  • Role
  • Employee/Volunteer
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training Completion Status
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training Quiz Score
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training Renewal Date
  • Skillful Screening Training Completion Status
  • Skillful Screening Training Quiz Score
  • Criminal Background Check Status
  • Criminal Background Check Level
  • Criminal Background Check Renewal Date
  • User Notes
  • Application Status
  • References Status
  • Interview Status
  • Dollar charge per user (accrued via trainings or background checks)

Reports may be customized to show particular groups of users according to tags or the date they were added to the Control Panel.

Learn how to create a report here.

Don’t see the Admin tab? Only SSAs or supervisors who have been given permission to access reporting may view this page. If you are a supervisor and would like to access this page, contact your SSA to request that your role be changed to SSA or that you be given access to reporting. Learn more about roles here.

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