What Changes Should I Expect From Assembly Bill 506 (AB506)?


California Assembly Bill 506 (AB506) is aimed at any ‘Youth Service Organization’ and focuses on requirements related to Training, Background Checks and policies.  A brief description of new requirements stemming from AB506 follows: for more in-depth discussion concerning issues related to compliance, access the white paper created by our legal team here.


While ALL Youth Service Organizations should be providing Training to paid staff members and volunteers, AB506 creates a legal requirement.  Further, AB506 requires that Youth Service Organizations provide Training regarding ‘child abuse and neglect’ identification and reporting.  Be prepared to broaden existing Training requirements, including other forms of child maltreatment and specific processes for reporting child abuse and neglect in California.  

To comply with AB506, we have added two additional Training segments for our California Members: Maltreatment and California Reporting Requirements.  These segments can be found in the California version of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training in your Training Library.  

Background Checks

While all Youth Service Organizations should be performing Criminal Background Checks on all paid staff members and volunteers, AB506 makes it a requirement.  More specifically, AB506 requires a specific search described in CA Penal Code Section 11105.3, which involves a search of California Department of Justice records. This new requirement presents a handful of challenges, including limitations on information (no sex offender registry information or out-of-state criminal records) and lack of online integration into current data management systems. The more difficult challenge relates to the existing system for access to California DOJ records: the use of Live Scan, which requires a manual process involving forms and fingerprinting.  

Given the limitations of information available through a Section 11105.3 search, we recommend an additional search through a separate vendor accessing additional information (i.e., sex offender registries, records from outside California, and more).

To learn more about new Background Check requirements required by AB506, access the above-mentioned white paper.


While all Youth Service Organizations should have Policies and Procedures in place to protect vulnerable populations, AB506 focuses on the requirement that Youth Service Organizations adhere to a two-adult rule, and implement a reporting process to ensure that information about abuse and neglect is reported outside the Organization when appropriate.

We offer a library of sample policy forms which address the two-adult rule, reporting to authorities and much more.  


For a more thorough evaluation of AB506, access the white paper referenced above here. For an in-depth analysis of the new law, please visit this page.

Contact an Abuse Prevention Systems representative to learn more about online Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, Skillful Screening Training, sample policies, sample screening forms, Background Checks, and Abuse Prevention System’s online system for management of each Safety System element.

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