Does Abuse Prevention Systems offer Credit Checks?


Yes, we are able to offer credit reports with Equifax. Each credit report will incur a $15.00 fee and may be ordered in the same manner as a criminal Background Check.

Please Note: We do not offer a credit score check, as these are permissible for tenant screening purposes only.

To begin ordering credit reports, an onsite inspection is required, incurring a one-time fee of $60.00. Currently, a virtual onsite inspection is possible, requiring that all necessary photos and documentation be uploaded.

These conditions must be met to order credit reports:

- Exterior and interior signage must be visible. Temporary signage may be approved if circumstances prevent a permanent sign; for example, a church is meeting at an elementary school.

- Space, furnishings, etc. must match the type of business. For example, a church should have chairs, a podium, etc.

- The credit report must be used for employment purposes ONLY.

- Marketing materials with the Organization name must exist (i.e. letterhead/business card).

- The Organization must have a shredding machine or an agreement with a shredding service.

- The Organization must have locking doors; an alarm system is preferred.

- The Organization should have filing cabinets with locks.

  1. The Organization should affirm, in writing, that files will be locked OR
  2. Securely stored electronically.

Please contact us at to begin this process.

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