Background Check Statuses and Actions


'Submitted (waiting for applicant)'

The QuickApp Background Check has been ordered and the applicant has been instructed to complete the Background Check application electronically. 

'Applicant completed - Processing'

The Background Check application has been submitted and our Background Check Department is now processing the report. Administrators will be notified via email once the Background Check is complete.

'Processing complete - Success - View'

The Background Check is now ready to be viewed by an Administrator. The Administrator must take action on the Background Check by selecting one of the following options: Approve, Archive, Pre-Adverse, Adverse, or Applicant Withdrawn. 


The Administrator approves the Background Check Report. Selecting this option will allow the applicant to move forward in the process to serve or work with your Ministry. 


The Archive button is intended only if an application is no longer needed, if there is a typo in the applicant’s email address, or the applicant has provided an external Background Check. 


If you do not wish for the applicant to serve due to records returned on a Background Check, you must take Pre-Adverse Action on the applicant. This occurs by switching the applicant to 'Pre-Adverse' status by clicking the 'Pre-Adverse' button. To read more about your responsibilities in the Adverse Action Process, click HERE.


Once a reasonable amount of time has passed (industry standard is 7 business days), you may then switch the applicant to 'Adverse Action' status by clicking the 'Adverse Action Button.' To read more about your responsibilities in the Adverse Action Process, click HERE.

'Applicant Withdrawn'

If the applicant is no longer interested in serving or working with your Organization, switch the applicant to 'Applicant Withdrawn' status.

'Applicant Declined' - Abuse Prevention Systems Staff only 

Abuse Prevention Systems Staff will switch the applicant to 'Applicant Declined' status if the applicant declines to fill out the QuickApp Authorization Forms electronically, in which case you may obtain the applicant’s signed consent via Long Form. Sample forms are located in the Document Library of the Control Panel.  

'Dispute' - Abuse Prevention Systems Staff only 

If an applicant has disputed information with Abuse Prevention Systems, we will inform you by email and switch the applicant to 'Dispute' status. Once the dispute has resolved, we will switch the applicant back to 'Ready to View.' If an applicant contacts you to dispute information, please refer them to Abuse Prevention Systems at or 817-737-7233

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